PO Box 70
Covington, TX 76636

David and Shirley Wynne, Hico

Last year we were looking for a builder to build our retirement home outside of Hico, Texas. We contacted one of the area builders and were talking with him, when our son said he wished we would talk to you before we made our final decision. Our son goes to church with you and was so impressed when he visited in your home you built. I phoned you and we met at your office and toured one of your homes you built in RiverBend. We were impressed, but I truly was apprehensive because I felt it would be too hard for you to build a home for us, since most of your contractors were from the metroplex. We decided that Holiday Custom Homes was our builder. Since we had sold our home, we had you build a barn with living quarters for us before you started the house. You gave us quality workmanship at a market price. We were impressed that you tried to save us money when ever possible. We have been very pleased with our retirement home and with you as builders.