PO Box 70
Covington, TX 76636

Laverne Stanley, Ft. Worth

When it’s time to build your dream home, finding the right builder is important. After much research, I found Bettye Henderson. I admired some of the other houses she had built but none of them were exactly right for me. We discussed what I wanted, found a beautiful lot in RiverBend Estates, and began the building process. I’m sure I was a difficult client. I wanted more windows, a walk-in shower, a tile roof-the requests were endless. But Bettye never faltered. When I requested four more windows in the living area, she didn’t argue-the next week they were framed in and ready for completion. With every request she would give me a price for the extra-always a reasonable amount-and proceed to make my dreams come true. There were some setbacks due to rain at the wrong time, but she simply cleaned up the mess and continued. I was always impressed, and still am, at her calm ability to solve the inevitable problems and suggest solutions that hadn’t occurred to me. The house was finished close to the time she had promised and I moved in just before Christmas in 1996. After nine years I still have no complaints about the finished product. It is truly the home of which I always dreamed. I am happy to recommend Bettye and Kenneth Henderson as remarkable builders.